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About Our Studio

We are overjoyed to be a part of Pacifica and love sharing yoga within our community. We are a non-franchised Hot Yoga studio with Bikram and
Hot Yoga-certified teachers. 

We offer a diverse program of 60 minute Bikram yoga classes , 75 minute Power Vinyasa classes, 75 minute Yin yoga classes, Inferno hot Pilates, Buti Yoga and much more.

Simply put we absolutely love what we do.  For us, yoga is life, and it is our mission
to continue to share the knowledge we have gained and that which we continue to acquire. As committed yogis you will find that we too practice yoga in our studio. 

We view our yoga journey as part of yours and strive to create an environment that supports this experience in a truly rich and fulfilling way. 


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The Growth of Your Practice

How quickly you progress will depend entirely on you, upon your natural ability to a small extent, but mostly upon the time and effort you give to Yoga.

It will have little to do with how perfectly you can do the poses. Few of us ever do the poses perfectly.

Instead, it will have to do with how well you understand what you are trying to accomplish in each pose, how you try to accomplish your goal, and how supple your muscles and joints have become in comparison to the point at which you began.

In Yoga there is no standard of comparison except you. To be “Perfect” in Yoga is to do the best you can do.

Hot Yoga teaches the ideal posture, and the reality - informing you of what challenges you may experience as you do the pose, which techniques will help you make rapid progress, and what you might be tempted to "overlook", thus depriving yourself of the benefits of the posture. 

Hot Yoga will enhance mind and body communication, will induce relaxation, strengthen the muscles, reshape your figure, and work you from the bones to the skin.